Our Story

Custom J&P Keychains produced  b y  T  he Falcon Mint

Custom J&P Keychains produced
by The Falcon Mint

In November of 1971 two businessmen from a small town in Indiana pursued a dream of servicing the world of restoration. For over 46 years, J&P has been successful in helping individuals restore cars, barber chairs, motorcycles, and most anything else. The company boasts the reputation of successfully refurbishing and plating pieces that most plating shops will not even touch. The secret is in the individual treatment J&P gives every single piece that comes through the door. There are no assembly lines in our shop, and experts with a working knowledge of the restoration industry handle every job. Some of the parts in our display case have been done for over 30 years and still look great to this day. For the highest quality and the best service in the industry, come see us at J&P Custom Plating Inc.